Steve & Lori Harris

Round Dance Instructors, Mesa, Arizona (USA)

Round dancing, also known as choreographed ballroom dancing, is unique because we have "cuers" who call out the dance routine (choreography) -- so each couple completes the same steps at the same time. The cuer speaks ahead of the music so we are dancing in perfect time to the music.

There are thousands of dances for the dozen or more rhythms that we enjoy, such as waltz, foxtrot, west coast swing, tango, bolero, slow two-step, rumba and cha cha. This means that someone has chosen a particular song and written steps and patterns which he or she believes fit the music.

Dancing on New Year's Day at Venture Out RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Consider learning to dance for these reasons -- 

  • Get smarter. Remembering your steps and timing makes you use your brain!
  • Feel younger. Dancing requires good posture which helps us breathe better. And it's a weight-bearing exercise so it’s good for our bones.
  • Discover yourself. Everyone has an ability to move with balance, grace and poise -- it just takes practice. You will improve your confidence and self-esteem!
  • Experience a sense of gratification. When you are dancing with someone special and your dancing seems effortless, it takes you to a different place.
  • Hear different music. Our activity will expose you to music that you may never experience unless you learn to dance.
  • Make new friends. Take our word for it: Some of the people you meet on the dance floor will become your friends for life!
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