Steve & Lori Harris Round Dance Instructors, Mesa, Arizona (USA)
Steve & Lori Harris Round Dance Instructors, Mesa, Arizona (USA) 

What is Round Dancing?


Also known as choreographed ballroom dancing, round dancing is unique.

Cuers call out the dance routines -- so everyone is dancing the same figures at the same time.

Since the routines are cued, dancers perform difficult patterns without having to memorize hundreds of songs.

Learn to dance with us, and take your skills to the ballroom dance floor!


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To Our Mesa Dancing Friends:

Steve & I knew it was inevitable that the call would come from the Venture Out Activity Office telling us that our program is shutdown. This afternoon (Friday, March 13), the phone rang – and as we expected, our winter dance season is over.

Now it’s starting to sink in that we didn’t even have the chance to say “Goodbye” to the dancers who have attended our workshops and dances this winter. We appreciate your support and friendship more than you know.

Gene Severance does a fantastic job keeping our dance community informed about this activity that we all love so much. Thank you, Gene!

We also want to thank Chuck & Sandi Weiss for asking us to co-host the monthly Sunday dances at Las Palmas Grand. It’s always such a fun afternoon.

Please stay well, and have a great summer!

What Can Dancing Do For You?

Explore the numerous benefits of learning how to dance!

Get Smarter

Remembering your steps and timing makes you use your brain.

Feel Younger

Dancing is a weight-bearing exercise so it's good for our bones.

Discover Yourself

Dancing improves your self-esteem and confidence.

Dream Away

When you're dancing with someone special, it takes you to a different place.

Explore Music

Through dancing, you'll experience our  vast array of new and old music.

Make New Friends

Some of the people you meet through dancing will become your friends for life! 

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March 30, 2020

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