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2020-21 Round Dance Specials with Chuck & Sandi Weiss

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When does the winter round dance season begin in Mesa?

November through March, although some instructors start mid-October and end mid-April.

How many times a week can we dance?

Except for Sunday morning, you can square and round dance just about any day of the week. There are workshops held mornings and afternoons, or you can attend a night dance.

We are thinking about coming to Mesa for the first time, but we don’t know anyone. What is the social environment like?

We think you’ll make friends rather quickly. There are new couples coming to Mesa each winter. In a short time, we notice how fast they have all these dancing friends!

What workshops are available during the winter months in Mesa?

There are rhythm clinics so you can focus on learning basic figures. In addition, all of the instructors have workshops to learn specific dances. You can learn new choreography -- or take advantage of a “catch-up” workshop.

What do you mean by a "catch-up" workshop?

Well, for example, you might be a new dancer at the Phase 4+ level. As a result, you probably will want to learn one of the most popular round dances that exists in our activity: a Phase 4 rumba called "Carnival" by Ron & Ree Rumble. This is the type of dance that would be taught by us at a "catch-up" workshop.

How do we find out what Mesa round dance instructors are teaching each week?

We have our teaching schedule posted on our website each week. You can also contact Gene Severance by emailing him at Gene has a Shutterfly website with information about round dancing in Mesa. You’ll find the Mesa weekly schedule and all the dances being taught, and you'll be able to access hundreds of dancing videos.

We also square dance. Are there any square dances with rounds?

There is an interactive square dance schedule at

As a single dancer, will I be able to find a dance partner?

There are many single dancers who spend their winter vacation in Mesa and other dancing singles who live here full-time. All of the round dance instructors, as well as square dance callers, have helped single dancers find partners.

We have an RV. How do we find an RV park that meets our needs?

This is a difficult question to answer because we have so many parks – some with a few services and others with amenities too numerous to mention. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of price and activities, we can certainly point you in the right direction. Just send us email or give us a call.

We don't have an RV, but we need a place to stay. Any recommendations?

You can rent anything from a "park model" to a 3-bedroom home. We have numerous 55+ communities for winter visitors. We can give you information to get you started in finding the perfect winter home based on your housing preferences.

We are Phase 3 level round dancers and ready to learn Phase 4. Where do we fit in with all the workshops?

Our best advice is that you visit the different workshops offered by all the Mesa instructors and see where you are most comfortable. Some couples want to push their limits and really learn a great amount of material at a workshop. Other couples prefer a more relaxed learning environment. One of the most important reasons for visiting Mesa for round dancing is that you have many choices for instruction. We also suggest that you talk to dancing friends about individual workshops. They will be happy to suggest different workshop options and practice sessions. Please take advantage of all the round dance instructors' workshops -- we all strive to offer you the best learning experience possible!

We’ve got lots of favorite round dances. Will we be able to have them cued?

We would be happy to get a list from you. We always appreciate knowing what songs people enjoy so we can add them to our party dance programs. Or if you want a workshop on a particular dance, please let us know.

Is there anything else to do in Mesa besides dancing?

Arizona is a truly beautiful state, and there is a lot of exploring for you in the Valley of the Sun. Golfing, tennis, softball, hiking, museums and shopping are just a few of the fun things that snowbirds find to do when they want a break from dance workshops. No one is bored in Mesa during the winter months!

Have we answered your questions?

If not, please email us, and we will add your questions to this FAQ.

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