Happy New Year! Steve & Lori Harris Round Dance Instructors Mesa, Arizona
Happy New Year! Steve & Lori Harris Round Dance InstructorsMesa, Arizona

round a rama institute's top 15

2017 Round A Rama attendees

The Round A Rama Institute, which was started by Irv & Betty Easterday more than 43 years ago, is held each August at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

With six nights and five days of dancing and workshops, the Institute is a favorite for many of the serious Phase 5-6 dancers!

To learn more about RAR, contact Paul & Linda Robinson, RAR's newest hosts.

Here are the recent Top 15 dances chosen by the Roundarama attendees.

        2017 Top 15 Dances  
1.    Candlelight (Goss, B&C)  
2.    A Guy is A Guy (Preskitt) (tie)  
2.    Jurame (Worlock) (tie)  
2.    Valentine (Worlock) (tie)  
5.    Beat of Your Heart (Preskitt) (tie)  
5.    Capone (Armstrong) (tie)  
5.    Carnival (Rumble) (tie)  
5.    Forrest Gump (Moore) (tie)  
9.    A Wink and A Smile (Rumble) (tie)  
9.    Dark Waltz (Vogt) (tie)  
9.    How Lucky Can One Guy Be? (Preskitt) (tie)  
9.    Stier Tango (Worlock) (tie)  
13.  Fur Elise (Rumble)  
14.  Perfidia in Brazil (Hurd) (tie)  
14.  Last Night Cha (Worlock) (tie)  
      2016 Top 15 Dances       2015 Top 15 Dances
1.  Candlelight (Goss) (tie) 1.   Stier Tango (Worlock
1.  Forrest Gump (Moore) (tie) 2.   Hit Me With a Hot Note (Goss)
3.  Hit Me With a Hot Note (Goss) (tie) 3.   Perfidia in Brazil (Hurd)
3.  Perfidia in Brazil (Hurd) (tie) 4.   Valentine (Worlock)
5.  Beat of Your Heart (Preskitt) (tie) 5.   Au Revoir Paris (Preskitt)
6.  Stier Tango (Worlock) 6.   Carnival (Rumble)
7.  Carnival (Rumble) (tie) 7.   Begin to Color Me (Read)

7.  Fur Elise (Rumble) (tie)

8.   Theme From Shrek (Worlock)

7.  Haunted Guitar (Sheridan) (tie)

9.   Last Night Cha (Worlock)
7.  Last Night Cha (Worlock) (tie) 10.  Beat of Your Heart (Preskitt)
7.  River Waltz (Rumble) (tie) 11.  Boulavogue (Lamberty)
7.  Theme From Shrek (Worlock) (tie) 12.  I Am Just a Girl (Worlock)
13. I Am Just a Girl (Worlock) (tie) 13.  Papillon (Lamberty)
13. Jurame (Worlock) (tie) 14.  Jurame (Worlock)
13. Solitude City (Gibson) (tie) 15.  The Phantom (Worlock)

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January 19, 2018

Phase 3-4-Soft 5 Party Dance with Chuck & Sandi Weiss

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 2 pm

Las Palmas (not the Grand)

Sunday Dance.pdf
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Phase 3-4-5 Dance Party

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7 pm

Venture Out RV Resort

1-23-18 Dance Program.pdf
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Spring 2018 Mesa Cuers' Brochure, January - April
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